Having a clean house has never been more important than today. The pandemic made us clean every single corner of our house and it also made us more mindful of cleanliness in general. Here are five reasons why you should prioritize cleaning this pandemic:

  • Avoid spreading bacteria and viruses. Health is the main reason why keeping a house clean is essential, especially at this time. Whatever happens in your home, shows in your living environment and directly impacts your and your family’s health. Even though you can’t fully protect yourself from every disease present out there, few protocols and precautions can be done to decrease the chances of falling sick. One of those is maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Not regularly cleaning your house increases the risk of illness for all members of the family. Proper cleaning can reduce the spread of contagious viruses that can suppress the immune system. Cleaning up spills, vacuuming the carpets, keeping your bathroom and kitchen clean can help you kill up to 98% of daily germs and keep your family healthy. It is essential to clean your house regularly and thoroughly to maintain good health and good hygiene at home. Avoid getting sick by cleaning your home.

  • Better organization. The pandemic opened our eyes to various things, including how cluttered our homes are. Lack of organization can waste your time in a lot of ways. It makes cleaning a more difficult task than it should be. Even though decluttering is not a top priority, it is now more essential than ever to declutter our homes. There are a lot of benefits you can get from it, including getting more space and reducing the risk of infection. It is important to note that decluttered homes are easier to disinfect. The World Health Organization recommends that every surface that may become exposed to the virus must be disinfected, but it can be difficult if there are many things cluttered in your home. Having a house with minimal clutter can surely speed things up when it comes to disinfection. Another benefit of decluttering is increased space and together with it is increased productivity. A decluttered home enables us to fully maximize our space. Especially now that work from home is becoming the new normal, we must make sure that the dedicated space for it is clean and tidy so that it can help us work smoothly.

  • Stress reliever. Just looking at cluttered space is stressful. When you walk into a house that is messy, you instantly feel stressed. As compared to when you walk into a clean and tidy house, you feel immediately at ease. When you put off cleaning your house for a long time, the chores and cleaning tasks pile up in the back of your mind, causing you to become more stressed. Your home should be the most relaxing place, where you feel safe and at peace. Avoid getting stressed by cleaning weekly! Besides, there is something about cleaning that is therapeutic. It helps you get inspired and motivated to do your daily routine!

  • Reduces allergies. If your house does not get cleaned regularly, dust and other allergens will accumulate. Dust on the floors, linens, and windows can irritate your sinuses. It is a very common cause for colds, coughs, asthma attacks, breathing problems and different types of allergies. To prevent this completely from happening, you must reduce dust accumulation in your household. Cleaning every week can help avoid allergies and other breathing problems.

  • Get better sleep. There’s nothing quite like waking up in clean and fresh sheets! If you keep your house tidy, you save yourself from complete chaos the moment you wake up. In addition, keeping your house squeaky clean will save you from worries that there are viruses and bacteria present in your home.


People are now becoming more educated and aware of the importance of cleaning and sanitizing their houses. But these increased cleaning standards can be a little stressful for some of us. Not everyone has the leisure of time, and the ability to perform cleaning tasks themselves. Here is where Cleaning Lady’s professional home cleaning services come into play. We can help clean and disinfect your home, and give you peace of mind. Send us a message to know more about the services we offer! We’ll be glad to assist you!