Picking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be a complicated and difficult task. Your idea of a perfect gift could be a physical gift and your partner’s idea of a perfect gift could be dinner at a nice restaurant. A popular book in 1995, states five languages of love or how we show love. It includes words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. No matter which love language you or your partner identifies with the most, team Cleaning Lady is here to help you show some love through cleaning with these five languages!


  • Acts of Service – When was the last time you told your special someone how hard they’ve been working lately? Take one more thing off their plate, something they really hate doing, like scrubbing dirty toilets or mopping sticky floors! Hiring a professional cleaning service can fulfill this act of service! Cleaning Lady can pick up the slack and do all the chores for your loved one. Don’t feel guilty about not doing the chores yourself, you did make it happen by booking an appointment with us 😉

  • Quality Time – Spending some quality time with the ones you love can be considered a treat in this busy and hectic world. Hiring us can free up more of your time, so that you’ll be able to do fun things with your loved ones! We suggest planning a romantic night in the kitchen and trying out some new recipes! The best part is… you can leave the mess for us to take care of!

  • Words of Affirmation – Another way of showing someone love is by telling them how wonderful and beautiful they are. Saying things like “You are so kind.” and “You are the best.” are so great to hear. If your partner values verbal acknowledgements of affections and loves to clean, you can use some cleaning-themed puns to express just how much you appreciate them! It can go like, “You’re my main squeeze!”, “I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine!” or “You really sweep me off my feet!”. Here at Cleaning Lady, we really love to clean and we most definitely want to be known for it! Let us come in and do the cleaning, to allow you to really focus on things that matter to you!

  • Receiving Gifts – Flowers and chocolates are too mainstream to give this Valentines day. Why not give them something different this year? Give the gift of a cleaning service! There’s no other good way to show how much you love someone than by surprising them with a clean home. Our cleaning services can cater your specific needs, may it be a one-time cleaning or a recurring cleaning! Whatever clean you’re looking for, we got you covered.


  • Physical Touch – Hugs and kisses can spark intimate connections with the ones we love. While the point of physical touch is between you and your partner, our part here is to assure you that we will touch every spot of your home, including those hard-to-reach areas you’ve been meaning to get to, but don’t have the time!


However you want to spend your Valentine’s Day, we hope to help you sweep your special someone off their feet! Don’t hesitate to send us a message so you can book an appointment right away. Let us clean for you this Valentine’s Day.