The effects of the pandemic have reached its two-year mark here in the Philippines, health has been a concern for everyone and not just physical health but mental health as well. Darby E Saxbe 1 and Rena Repetti in their work No place like home: home tours correlate with daily patterns of mood and cortisol found that people who describe their homes as “cluttered” or teeming with “unfinished projects” were more likely to be fatigued and depressed. We’ve compiled 3 reasons why it is important to keep your space clean as we spend more time at home to keep our mental health in check.

Decluttering your space is decluttering your mind. Having a room that is messy can surely mess with how our brain focuses and functions, affecting our day to day activities and potentially hindering our productivity levels. McMains S, and Kastner S. in their work Interactions of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in human visual cortex supports this statement by mentioning that having too many visual stimuli or clutter in your room could effectively lower your brain’s focus and its processing of information. Let’s keep our homes clean with this being our workspaces in today’s new work from home environment, it’s important we try to maximize our productivity by keeping our spaces clean!

Uplifting your mood while keeping your surroundings clean. External factors can always affect how your mood will be throughout the day, it’s important to keep clean surroundings to further optimize your mood for the day and keep you feeling 100%! Sherry Gordon in one of her articles for the website, VeryWellMind, mentions how physical activities of cleaning help reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a win-win situation where you are able to keep the house clean while avoiding mental health illnesses that surely have affected a number of us through this pandemic.

Let’s face it, a dirty home leads to sickness which then leads to stress and deteriorating mental health. A dirty home leads to unwanted bacteria sticking around those unkempt areas of the house, this could lead to your children or you getting sick which leads to more stress on top of everything that you are keeping in check. As parents, we understand how worrying it can be to have our children getting sick in our own house and this is the last thing we want happening with a pandemic still in full swing. Let’s keep our homes and spaces clean to avoid getting sick and unwanted stress, we already have so much on our plate at the moment and we wouldn’t want to add any more to this.

With so much of our time in the past 2 years being spent in the house, it’s important to keep this clean as it is not just our physical health at stake here but our mental well-being as well. Let’s keep both our physical and mental health in check, let’s keep our homes clean and orderly and we at Cleaning Lady can help with that. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll make sure that your living space is clean and stress-free!