We all love the look, smell, and feel of a freshly cleaned office. You love it, your employees love it, and even your cleaning service staff love it. However, offices are meant to be used usually by a lot of people, and when that happens, it’s easy for your office to revert back to its messy and unkempt state. And when it does, cleaning service day can’t come fast enough.

However, there are plenty of ways to maintain a neat and tidy office in between cleaning service visits, and it won’t even take that much effort from either you or your employees. As long as you and your team keep the following 5 tips in mind when going about your every workday, you’ll be able to maintain an organized office. Here are 5 ways to keep your office clean in between cleaning service visits:

  1. Encourage frequent hand washing from employees.

It’s a no-brainer why you would want your employees to practice frequent hand washing during these times, but even without a pandemic, it’s still a great idea to encourage employees to do so. Around 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted via touch, so one of the best ways to avoid spreading a virus within the office is to encourage frequent hand washing from everyone who works in it.

Another thing you can do is keep hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol dispensers at different stations around the office. Even just the sight of a hand sanitizer dispenser can remind your employees to keep their hands clean and virus-free. For rubbing alcohol, we recommend 70% isopropyl alcohol which has been proven to effectively kill viruses. Not only will these keep your office sanitary, it’ll also help protect your work team from the current pandemic.

  1. Invest in plenty of waste bins.

When you run a busy office, it’s no surprise when you find your waste piling up. Anything from crumpled up sheets of paper to empty chocolate bar wrappers can find themselves stacking up pretty quickly when you’ve got a considerably large team. Even if your team isn’t that big, you’re still going to want waste bins in every part of the office to ensure your employees always have a place to dispose of their trash, no matter where they are.

It’s also important that you have these waste bins emptied preferably every night after the workday ends. Undisposed garbage can create foul odors and can attract insects like ants and cockroaches which you definitely don’t want residing in your office. Remembering to dispose of the garbage every night can seem like a small thing but can contribute a lot to keeping your office clean and sanitary throughout the week.

  1. Keep mats by every entrance door.

Your employees come from all walks of life, quite literally. By having mats at every entrance door, you make sure that they at least have a way to wipe their shoes before entering the office, therefore guarding your establishment against added dust and mud. Let’s not forget about when it rains and your employees arrive at the office doors with their shoes all wet and muddy. We wouldn’t want them muddying up the floors, now, would we?

An added bonus is that doormats can often make for great decorations. A doormat that looks great and goes well with the exterior of your office can be just what your office needs to look more professional and impressive. That way, you’re not only ensuring a clean office, but you’re also ensuring a good looking one as well.

  1. Offer organization materials for each employee’s desk.

Your employees are busy people. They’ve got projects to finish and deadlines to meet, and when they’re that busy, creating a mess is inevitable. While you can’t always prevent a mess, you can offer ways to minimize it so that they rarely happen, and when they do, tidying them up is as easy as pie. An easy way to ensure this is to invest in organizational materials for every employee.

Some good organizational materials could be pen holders with dividers so your employees can separate black pens from red pens and whiteboard markers from permanent ones. Folders and envelopes work great for keeping hold of important documents, especially ones that also come with dividers. And if you’re looking for a place to store all these folders and envelopes, magazine holders work great for this task!

With just these items, you’ll be surprised at how tidy and organized your office can be.

  1. Discourage eating at desks.

Unless you want insects crawling all over your office floors and desks, the last thing you want is for your employees to be eating at their desks. Even if it’s just a chocolate bar, any type of food stands the chance of crumbs or pieces falling on the desks or on the floor. When that happens, your office becomes an attractive place for ants and other insects to gather and search for food.

Instead, encourage your employees to eat in the kitchen or dining room if your office has those. If not, you can also designate a table in your office solely for eating. That way, your employees still have a place to eat during their lunch breaks and snack breaks. Even if crumbs and pieces do fall, they’re easier to clean up when they’re collected in one place.


Your office is probably the place you spend the most time in apart from your home. It’s definitely the place your employees spend the most time in apart from their homes. Both you and your team deserve a clean, tidy, and well-organized office all throughout the week. A neat working space can have great effects on the productivity and overall mood of your working team.

And if you’re looking for a reliable cleaning service for your office, go ahead and send us a message or give us a call! Cleaning Lady is here to provide the cleanest office for you and your employees. You’ll love the feeling of a freshly deeply cleaned office, we guarantee it.