Summer season has now officially ended! The rainy season finally arrived to cool the remnants of the hot summer air. But for homeowners, rainy days can be more inconvenient. It not just makes everything muddy and dirty, it also promotes the growth of bacteria which can lead to diseases during the rainy season. This makes a clean home really important especially during this kind of season.


If you’re wondering how to achieve a clean and tidy home during this rainy season, here are some tips and hacks to do when rain starts to fall:


Clean yourself before entering.

Walking outside can accumulate a lot of germs and dirt on our legs and feet. Cleaning your feet properly before entering your home can help with dirt accumulation. However, if that is not possible, you can enter straight into the restroom and wash your feet before entering other parts of your home. This tip can surely help you in keeping your home clean this rainy season!


Get rid of wet dripping clothes.

Make sure to immediately get rid of wet and dirty clothes after going out! By doing this, you can instantly prevent the germs from spreading all over your home. In addition, clothes you wear outside contain a lot of germs and getting rid of them instantly is a good thing for your health and hygiene as well.


Keep your home dry.

During the rainy season, the floors remain moist or wet all the time. Wet floors attract more dirt, dust and mud, hence, is it important that you keep the inside of your home dry. Keeping a proper ventilation system and opening your windows whenever it stops raining can help you fight this problem. In addition, proper air circulation is very important to have a fresh atmosphere at home. This can keep your home clean during the rainy season.


wiping surfaces

Get rid of the bad rainy smell.

The rain gives off damp and humid weather which makes our home stink. The main reason for this is that most of the time, the doors and windows remain closed. It is always preferable to keep the rooms dry and airy with proper ventilation, but you can always use products to keep the inner air fresh and odor free. Try our antibacterial room spray in fresh bamboo and lavender to give your room that long-lasting clean and fresh scent!


Disinfect the floor.

The climate of the rainy season is very damp and humid which makes it favorable for the germs and bacteria to breed. During this time, it is obvious that your home will have many of them! One of things to do to get rid of the germs is to keep your home clean by using a proper disinfectant. This will kill the germs and make you and your family safe and less prone to diseases. Try our disinfectant cleaner to kill 99.9% of the germs present in your home!


Clean your bathroom.

Your washroom gets dirtier compared to other parts of your house since it is usually the first area we go to when returning home to wash our body and keep ourselves clean. For short, it is more exposed to a lot of dirt, filth and mud during the rainy days. It is important to properly clean your bathroom after every use and keep it dirt-free. Try our all-purpose cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and leave your surface clean and spot-free!


Try deep cleaning weekly.

Cleaning during the rainy season can be very hectic especially for those working, it can really take your time and keeping your home clean can be really difficult. Deep cleaning at least once a week is really important during this rainy weather to keep you and your family safe from unwanted diseases!


These tips are small little steps to help prevent germs and dirt accumulation in your home in this rainy weather! When it comes to cleaning, you really need a good strategy, planning and proper execution. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help you with this! We got you covered! Save time and energy by hiring a cleaning lady now! Enjoy the rainy season with a hot cup of tea and a tidy house!