For many of us, cleaning can be the most monotonous thing ever. After all, having to scrub walls and mop floors for an entire afternoon doesn’t exactly sound like the most exciting thing. It certainly doesn’t help that rooms in our homes very rarely stay clean, so cleaning isn’t just a one-and-done task, it’s something we have to do over and over again.

Talk about a bore.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to turn cleaning your home into a fun activity! With these tips, you’ll be able to turn cleaning into something you might actually look forward to doing. Here are 8 great ways to make cleaning more enjoyable:


1. Listen to your favorite songs.

You probably already do this, but if you don’t, we can’t recommend it enough. Cleaning while bopping your head to your favorite Taylor Swift tracks can turn wiping the sink into the most fun you’ll have all day. After all, cleaning your home is probably the only time you’ll have to yourself in a while, so why not spend it jamming to your favorite artists?

And if you’re cleaning while you’re alone, turn it into a dance party! It’s a great way to get your heart pumping while also achieving a clean home. Don’t just limit yourself to your favorite tunes — this can also be a great opportunity to listen to new songs and discover new artists. Put on a playlist and jam out to bands you’ve never heard of before. Who knows? You might just find your next favorite song.


2. Listen to an audiobook or podcast.

If you used to be quite the bookworm but adulthood has made you too busy to read, we don’t blame you — we barely have the time to read either. Thankfully, audiobooks exist; and they’re the greatest solution for people who want to read more but don’t have the time to. Because cleaning is such an autopilot activity, it isn’t distracting enough that you lose track of the book you’re listening to, and it’s a great way to make mundane cleaning chores into something exciting.

Sure, in real life, you’re washing dishes or sweeping the floor, but in your head, you’re going on epic quests, battling dragons, and fighting in the Hunger Games.

If you’re not the bookworm type, however, podcasts might be a great alternative for you! There’s a podcast about nearly everything from discussing fun facts, to analyzing music, to interviewing important people. Whatever your interests are, there’s almost always a podcast for them, and you’ll find yourself enjoying intelligent discussions about your favorite things from well-spoken people — all while dusting the ceiling fan.


3. Watch a show or film in the background.

This may not work for all people, but there are definitely people out there that enjoy having their favorite shows or movies playing in the background while they’re doing mindless tasks. We recommend choosing a show or film you’ve already seen so you’re not too distracted — after all, if you decide to watch a new Netflix show, you might find yourself taking hour-long breaks from your cleaning routine in order to find out who the murderer is and where they’re hiding!


4. Turn cleaning into a workout.

Have you got a pedometer? Encourage yourself to take at least 100 steps while cleaning your house — or, if you’re up for the challenge, each room. We all need to get our exercise but rarely have the time for a full-body workout, so turning your cleaning routine into a cardio workout can be a great way to stay fit and healthy while also getting your chores done.

There are plenty of other ways to workout while cleaning, and it really depends on your fitness goals. Get creative! Maybe you can do lunges while sweeping under couches or jumping jacks while you’re cleaning your ceilings. Find ways to get your heart pumping and blood rushing while you’re doing your regular cleaning routine.


5. Create cleaning games for yourself.

Are you the type that loves a good challenge? If so, cleaning games are just the thing for you! Set a timer for each task and challenge yourself to do said task in 15, 10, or 5 minutes — however difficult you want your challenge to be. A race against time can be just the thing to turn your mundane chores into the most exciting part of your day!


6. Talk to someone on the phone.

We recommend using Bluetooth headphones for this one, so your phone doesn’t fall down or get wet while you’re cleaning. If you’ve got a dear friend or family member you want to talk to, why not see if they’re busy and if they’re not, give them a call? This can be a great opportunity to catch up on how they’re doing and talk about life!

Sure, you can always just chat with them, but being able to speak with them and hear their voice is a wonderful experience that’s unique to the usual Messenger chat. It can also be just the thing to turn an ordinary cleaning day into a treasured memory.


7. Promise yourself a reward after cleaning.

It can be something as small as a cupcake or as big as being able to play video games all night. Whatever it is, a reward can be just the thing to motivate you to clean hard and clean thoroughly.

Cleaning is a tough job and you deserve to treat yourself after a long day of doing so. When you’ve got the promise of a reward at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself wanting to do a good job with your cleaning chores — and really, who doesn’t want a good excuse to simply treat themselves and indulge in fun things?

8. Hire a cleaning service.

This one’s a bit of a cheat, we know, but a cleaning service can be just what you need if you want to cut your cleaning routine in half or even 3/4ths! Professional cleaning services are, after all, professionals, and they’re well-trained in cleaning even the messiest of rooms.

When you’ve got a regular cleaning service taking care of your home, you can take all the long, hard, and boring tasks out of your hands; meaning you get more time to focus on your work and your hobbies.


Cleaning Lady’s just the cleaning service for you. Our services have satisfied so many of our customers, and they’re sure to satisfy you as well. You deserve a clean home — we’re here to provide that for you. Reach out to us and we’ll clean your home so good, it’ll feel brand new; and you didn’t even have to do much!