You’re familiar with this situation. It’s 7pm and you’ve just arrived home. It’s been a long day at work and all you want is to kick back, relax, and get some rest. You take off your shoes and walk into the door and where’s the first place you go to?


The living room, of course.


Ah, the living room. No home is complete without it. Who can imagine a house without a comfy couch to rest in and a TV to entertain us? Depending on you and your family, your living room is probably used for a lot of things, like game nights, movie viewings, or even just casual conversations. Whichever it is, everyone can agree that the living room is one of the most important rooms in a home.


It is, after all, called the living room, which means that this room is where life happens. You probably have great memories of friends and family visiting your home and you’re all bonding together in the living room, perhaps watching a funny movie or playing an energetic party game. You might even have kids and the living room is where you play with them and their toy robots and stuffed animals.


Truly, we all love our living rooms and we can’t imagine our homes without it. Here are all the reasons why we love our living rooms:

1. A place to relax


Why do we have homes in the first place? Our homes are where we reside when we’re not at work or outside. During those times, we want to rest and relax and simply have a pleasant time. We don’t want to stress ourselves out from thinking too much about the hustle and bustle of life.


This is why it’s so important to have a living room. When you dedicate a room meant for resting and relaxing, you’ll know exactly where to go to when you need a break. Everyone deserves a break, and when you get that break, you also deserve to have a warm comfy room to spend it in.


Having a comfortable living room is treating yourself and everyone in your household right. It’s recognizing the importance of time for relaxation and comfort. As the popular saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t be like Jack and allow yourself some time off every now and then in the best room possible for you.


2. A place for memories


Have you ever had friends and/or family over? What do you do when they’re around? Chances are, you spend your time in the living room – after a delicious meal in the kitchen, of course.


The living room is often where we have guests stay in when they come over. We obviously want our guests to feel the best they can in our homes. Isn’t it so great that our living rooms can greatly help make that happen? Living rooms allow us to bond with our friends and family through movie nights, game nights, and lively conversation.


You’ve probably made wonderful memories in other people’s living rooms as well, laughing like crazy over a game of Cranium or singing your heart out while watching Frozen with your cousins. The living room allows us to turn our homes into a place of memory making and who doesn’t love to make cherished memories with their loved ones?


3. A place for leisure


It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and you don’t have a lot left to do in your schedule. You’ve been lucky enough that you’ve been able to finish all your necessary tasks on time, and now you finally have an afternoon to yourself. Where do you spend it?


The living room, of course! The living room allows for leisure and entertainment, and there’s always something fun to do there. You can watch movies or shows on your TV. You can play video games on your console. You can read a good book while curling up on the couch.


Living rooms are the best because they allow for the most fun indoor activities. When you’re resting and relaxing, you often want something to do because simply laying down can get boring. The living room allows for fun and hobbies while also providing you with a soft couch and an inviting environment.


4. A place for family


For many of us, home is where the heart is, and it’s also where the family is. We love our families with all our hearts, but it can be hard to spend time with them when we’re all so busy with our lives, even if we’re living together. You’re busy with your work and your kids are busy with school.


Thankfully, the living room allows for time spent together with the family. When everyone’s had a long day at work or school, the living room allows you to kick back and relax together, and simply talk about your day. Because of its comforting atmosphere, everyone’s at their most relaxed in the living room.


Time spent having fun with the family is always time well spent, even if it’s just a simple conversation. And during days when you’ve all got plenty of time in your hands, you can watch movies and play games in your living room.




Our living rooms are the hearts of our homes. It’s where we have our time for ourselves and our time for our families. When most of us think about our favorite memories in our homes, chances are, many of those memories take place in the living room.


That’s why it’s so important to keep it clean, but when you’re stressed out from the craziness of life, it can be hard to make time to fully clean your home. That’s why we recommend a cleaning service! 


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