Meaning before money
Impact before income
Significance over success

Join us in scaling meaningful impact across the Philippines.

Cleaning Lady is an impact-driven enterprise that seeks to bridge the gap between the privileged and the underserved by building a platform where a community of well-off clients and our cleaning ladies are able to make a difference in each other’s lives.

Advantages and Benefits


Be part of an industry that is in demand during and even after this pandemic as people are getting more conscious about having a clean home that is protected from any germs and viruses.


Launch your business easily without the need to look for and paying for a physical store or office location which can be very costly.


Get an exclusive franchise license per City/ Province per Franchise.


Set-up your business from start to actual operations and get advice from your dedicated Business Consultant to improve your business.


Make your customer journey easy and process your bookings conveniently.

Cleaning Lady La Union

Expanding our reach in the north, these strong and hardworking business women have goals of further helping and empowering the “manangs” of the north. Through Cleaning Lady, they are able to provide the women of La Union not just with stable income but hope amidst the pandemic.

Cleaning Lady Quezon City

Despite being career-driven women, these sisters have been wanting to create a positive difference for more Filipinas in their community. By taking over the one of the largest cities in Metro Manila, managing Cleaning Lady QC definitely fulfills that dream – to give back to the community that have been their home for years.

Cleaning Lady Nation

Own an Exclusive Area to Operate your Business

Enjoy a lock-in privilege and get an exclusive franchise per City/ Province.

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